My name is Tyra Wigg, coming from Stockholm, Sweden and since 2020 also living in Basel, Switzerland. I did my diploma in massage therapy in Stockholm 2010 and have since been receiving a wide range of clients in my own practice and as a remote masseuse in offices and work places.

My massage techniques focuses on giving a deep release of your connective tissue (fascia) to relieve pain and helping you to connect to a sense of ease and functionality within your body. I am somewhat an expert in finding and softening your muscular trigger points, or “the knots”, that unavoidably occur from persistent stress, static computer work, unbalanced posture and lack of recovery.

My education and long experience as a professional dance practitioner has given me profound knowledge in the movement apparatus, physical training and rehabilitation. If you wish, we can together locate the causes of your physical issues and I can suggest adjustments and exercises for regaining mobility and functionality within your everyday life.

It does not matter which age, ethnicity, gender or functionality you have  - I want you to feel welcome and good in your body. 

ThePlace2BE is accessible with elevator, and the studio big enough to bring in a wheelchair.

Warmly welcome to contact me if you have any questions or want to book an appointment. I am looking forward to meet you!